NOW YOU CAN PAY ALMOST ALL YOUR UTILITIES AT ANDERSONCELL! Duke Energy, Piedmont Natural Gas, Charter, DirecTV, DishNetwork, Anderson CITY WATER and many more!! Cash Payments Only Please!

ANDERSONCELL has completed its move into our LARGER store (Right next door to our last location) With over 3,000 sqft of showroom! AND AN APPLE TREE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STORE!

4+ Years happily serving Anderson, SC and surrounding cities!

Here at AndersonCell, our main goal is to make you happy! No more going to a “regular” cell phone store and getting the run around by ill-trained (hourly) employees.


Once you come to AndersonCell you are now our “Client” and Clients get treated way better than “Customers”!  Customers are nameless, faceless beings that line up at a check out counter, they pay, they leave..end of story. Whereas a “Client” receives a full service experience! We are ONLY here to help YOU not scan your items and let you walk out the door to fend for yourself!

AndersonCell is now located in LAKESIDE SHOPPING CENTER at:
302 Pearman Dairy Rd. Suite A10 Anderson, SC 29625

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